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M. S. Nightingale often combines social issues with her suspense short stories and novels, and has always pondered the possibility of ghosts, angels, aliens and alternate planes of reality in our everyday lives. "Who knows what may await us in the beyond of our vast cosmos, or maybe deep within our own planet, or... just maybe... locked inside our own minds? Dare we go exploring?"

Nightingale considers herself an eclectic writer and includes strong elements of mystery, suspense and romance, and sometimes science fiction, the supernatural or the paranormal.


She also manages to find a way to incorporate incredibly decadent cuisine into her story lines. Her characters are prone to indulge and yet never seem to gain an ounce. But this is fiction, and in fiction we should indulge in what we can not, or should not, enjoy in real life.


Nightingale resides in West Texas with her husband of 41 years. She has just released her ninth suspense novel, Retribution Hospice, and, is at work on her tenth, Haunting of Hannah's Hope, and her memoir, Surviving Carolina


Nightingale can be reached at: nightingale@msnightingale.com


Member of

Mystery Writers of America

Southwest Chapter


National Association of Professional Women


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