The Adventures of Max the Cat

Max Finds A Forever Home

Mr. and Mrs. Nightingale were shopping at Odessa's Petco, when they noticed the most beautiful kitten available for adoption. Mrs. Nightingale asked permission to visit with the kitten that looked like he was wearing a tuxedo.


Max was on his best behavior, purring and rubbing his head against Nightingale's neck and chin in appreciation. After a harrowing ordeal of abandonment and the rescue by a local dedicated pet lover, Max had found his forever family. 

As soon as Max arrived in his new home, he began to try out the various pet beds. First, he tried out Chelsea the Schauzer's bed.  

Then Max tried Sadie the Labrador/Collie's bed. Max really liked this bed. It was very soft and comfortable and big.

Chelsea was already a little miffed that Max had been in her bed, and now he was in the big bed that she and Sadie often shared to watch television.

Chelsea the Schnauzer confronted Max and explained that he did not have permission to sleep in this bed. He needed to get his own bed.

Sadie the Labrador/Collie heard Chelsea arguing with a new family member, and came to see the new addition for herself. She sniffed the curious new creature and wondered what he was and why Mrs. Nightingale had decided to bring him home.


Max explained that he was a cat, and that he had very sharp claws he wasn't afraid to use.

Sadie walked around the coffee table and decided to approach Max the Cat from another angle. She told Max that this was her big bed and sometimes she let Chelsea sleep in it with her. But dogs and cats simply were not supposed to sleep together.


Max thought that was the silliest thing he'd ever heard. He refused to move.

Sadie tried to reason with Max, but Max still refused to budge. He had the razor-sharp claws and they did not.


Chelsea had already gone back to her own bed and had vowed that Max would not be getting in it again.  

Sadie found Max to be very brave and thought maybe he would make a good addition to the Nightingale home. She was hopeful that he would eventually want to run and play. So Sadie decided to give Max a chance and let him sleep in her bed -- for now.

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