The Adventures of Max the Cat

Max Gets His Own Bed

Mrs. Nightingale really enjoys the family's new little boy, Max the Cat.


Max is a sweet, gentle kitty, but also very frisky and on the go, inspecting every nook and cranny of her home.

It was also becoming apparent that Max the Cat needed his own bed.


He also needed a more private litter box. It seems dogs really enjoy dining on kitty poop.


And, Mrs. Nightingale learned that kitty food is not good for dogs, because it has too much protein and fat. So Max would need a private place to dine.

Mrs. Nightingale and her daughter started looking for just the right litter box that Chelsea the Schnauzer and Sadie the Labrador/Collie could not get into.


Nightingale's daughter found the perfect solution at Petco's online.


Max the Cat loves his new private igloo litter box!

Then Mrs. Nightingale found a beautiful two-level kitty condo. She could put Max the Cat's food and water in the top compartment and he could eat without being bothered.


Since Chelsea and Sadie cannot climb like Max, they also could not eat his food.


Mrs. Nightingale also bought a separate scratching pole she could move around the house. Kitties love to flex their paws and dig their razor-sharp claws into flesh and furniture.

Max did not care though. Cats are very aloof at times. He jumped into Chelsea's bed and left her hanging out of the small bed.


Max the Cat also preferred his bed be next to Mrs. Nightingale's desk so that he can take nice long naps while she works.

Nightingale also found Max the Cat a soft comfortable bed that was more his size. She put the bed next to Chelsea the Schnauzer's bed.


Chelsea was still miffed that Max had tried to sleep in her bed. Sometimes he would even try to get in the bed with her.


So Chelsea decided to get into Max's bed and give him a taste of his own medicine.

Sadie the Labrador/Collie is very pleased, and turns her attention back to a thrilling television movie.

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