The Adventures of Max the Cat

Max Is Feeling Frisky

Max wasn't hard to please. Just about anything would do. Hanging cords or ribbons, loose threads... anything that was dangling that he could grab with his claws.

After enjoying a snack in the second floor of his condo, Max the Cat started to feel frisky. He was bored and he needed to find something to do.

He settled on tangling with his scratching pole and tether again. He attacked it and slapped the ball into the air.

But things got a little wild when Max spied a ribbon hanging from one of Mrs. Nightingale's books, and he grabbed it and pulled it into the floor.


Nightingale picked the book up and put it back into the shelf.


Max dove under the coffee table and began to make a ruckus.

Sadie and Max romped around the living room until they were both tired.

Sadie the Labrador/Collie came to see what was going on. Then Max grabbed one of Sadie's legs and pretended to attack her.

Sadie decided that she and Max should take a nap in her bed.

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