The Adventures of Max the Cat

Max Is Fearless

Since joining our family, Max the Cat has swiftly established his authority over Chelsea the Schnauzer and Sadie the Labrador/Collie -- or so he thinks!


At first Max would make quick sneak attacks on his siblings. Neither Chelsea nor Sadie would ever see it coming. A tiny bundle of hair flying through the air and landing onto one of the girls and then bouncing right back off, and running away so quickly that both would be left unsure what had just happened.


Sometimes Max would run up and jump, and slap them on both sides of the face, and race away. Sometimes he would jump up and hang around their neck with his front legs for a few seconds, and then let go and run out of the room.


Chelsea the Schnauzer has no sense of humor about it. She prefers to ignore Max and act like nothing happened. Sadie, on the other hand, decided that she wanted to engage and play with Max.

Sadie laid back to check things out, and the tiny but fearless Max pounced onto the 70-lb Sadie.

Max very quietly approached Sadie from behind, but just at the last moment, Sadie sensed an intruder.

In a swift roll maneuver, Sadie took Max back to the mat.

Max wiggled free and made yet another attack on Sadie.

They battled for control until Max finally conquered Sadie completely, pinning her down.

Sadie surprised Max, though, and took him back to the mat, pinning him down.


Max was trapped. What would Max do?

Max brought out the razor-sharp claws and teeth, and thought he could teach Sadie that strength does not come from size!


Sadie took Max's foot in her mouth but did not bite down, letting Max know that sometimes the biggest of us are the kindest.

Max and Sadie both let go, and decided they liked being friends as much as they liked playing sneak attack.

Max the Fearless Cat was still feeling frisky!

Sadie was very tired and needed to take a nap.

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